Political and Current Events

In our online sessions, adults are presented with the same resolutions – current political topics – as our Early Scholars debaters. Our aim is to help adults use the linking techniques to persuasively and clearly organize and present information. The techniques learned during the sessions will follow adults out of the classroom and into work meetings, impromptu speeches, and even when presenting ideas to friends and family.

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Sharpening your Speech Skills!

Learn more about our adult speech and debate intensives and how you can get registered for a session right away! We're looking forward to having you and sharpening your debate and speech skills.

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“Erin, thank you so much for what you have done for our kids. I'm proud of the way they stand up for themselves” 
Ting Yu, Parent of 5th and 7th grader

Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain

Our public speaking program, designed for adults, teaches the skills required to communicate with an audience effectively. This is an opportunity for adults to stop sitting on the sidelines in awe of young debaters. It’s never too late to learn those same skills! Recent research has shown that neurogenesis of the brain happens in adults when they work toward self-improvement. This means that learning something new actually grows new neurons in your brain.

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Our Education Philosophy:

Our aim is to take the guesswork out of debate. By scaffolding the content and developing easy to use frameworks, we not only accelerate students’ growth but we make debate accessible for all. We don’t seek great debaters; Early Scholars Speech & Debate is Where Great Debaters are Made! 

Our teaching approach is not cemented in stone, rather it’s an evolutionary process that uses the Early Scholars Rotational model as a curriculum guide. 

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