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PS 188Q, Queens, NY

Things continued well into the spring and summer terms for our young debaters. They tested the efficacy of all they learned by applying their talents to developing pitches. After learning various value propositions, and ways to measure and target their market size, Early Scholars' team of budding entrepreneurs presented their innovative pitch ideas in front of a community of family friends and, of course, judges.

These students used their reasoning skills and innate creativity to develop some of the most exciting digital campaigns and products of the year, all dedicated to solving everyday consumer problems like social media addiction and environmental sustainability. We also held a town hall where students responded to questions from the audience on their view of a current political topic: the European Union and China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Learning to create an effective pitch has nearly endless real-world applications. Think about all the times in your adult life when you’ve needed those skills. At a job interview. When trying to get a business loan. When presenting your latest great idea to the boss. Honing this important skill in our debaters sets them up for future success. Think how it will help them when applying to college, trying for scholarships or getting that first job.

In our increasingly interconnected world, learning about current international political affairs starts our students down the path to becoming informed, engaged world citizens. Isn’t it nice to know that get-togethers that are such fun for all of us turn out to be such great learning experiences for our kids, too.