IS 281
Brooklyn, NY

Early Scholars started the new decade off strong. The first NYCUDL tournament of the year took place on January 11th. After a grueling day of competition, arguing the benefits of the U.S. federal government’s use of offensive cyber operations, many of our students won both team and individual awards. Their efforts won us NYCUDL recognition, as well. Samatha and Adrian were the overall second-place debate team. What a great way to start off the New Year! 

An even greater highlight was Jaime’s win; it was his first time attending a tournament, so it was exhilarating and surprising for him to win a team award with his partner Kaitlyn.

As the coaching team at Early Scholars Speech and Debate looks forward to 2020, we’re excited to continue helping our students enjoy both the theoretical and competitive aspects of debate. Everyone involved is eager for the opportunity to let our students shine as they showcase all they have learned. We look forward to helping them gain an understanding of the subjects that they've devoted so much of their time, care and attention to. More than just helping these students overcome their fears of public speaking, Early Scholars hopes to use 2020 to help create a new generation of passionate students – students who are truly vested in supporting and empowering the communities in which they live.

The Early Scholars, Inc, debate students came so far in 2019. Just imagine how far they will go in 2020. We all have a very exciting year in front of us!

Team Awards (Intermediate PF)
Samantha T. & Adrian C. (2nd place)
Allen Chao & David H. 

Individual speaker Awards (Intermediate PF)
Adrian C. (2nd place)
Samantha T. (8th place)

Team Awards (Open PF)
Vincent Y. and Aiden T. (6th place)

Individual speaker  Awards (Open PF)
Vincent Y. (3rd place)
Aiden T. (8th place)

Individual speaker Awards (Novice PF)
Methulia Medage (16th place)