During the Fall and Winter 2020 season, Early Scholars was excited to announce a series of scrimmages with other debate programs. Students in both our middle school and elementary programs were given the opportunity for additional practice as well as more cost-effective means for students to hone their skills. Our middle school debaters consisted of Jeanfelipe, Methulia, Chloe, Brandon, Zachary, Archie, Samantha, Alyssa, Mary and Kaitlyn. Students debated whether or not The U.S. should adopt a declaratory nuclear policy of no first use. Our Junior Scholars also greatly benefitted from the scrimmages. We want to give special recognition to Adelyn, Alice, Brady and Pearl who participated in not one, but both of our Junior Scholar scrimmages. These tournaments gave our Junior Scholars insight into the world of external tournaments, and served as a precursor for what they could look forward to in middle school debate. At events such as these, every student is a winner as they work to improve their arguments, rebuttals and crossfires. We are also so proud of our students’ cooperative spirit and their commitment to help one another thrive. We are so ecstatic to see continued growth and dedication from our debaters.

Winter Awards

December 19th, 2020

Middle School 

Mary & Kaitlyn: Best Crossfire
Chloe:         Best Rebuttal
Samantha & Alyssa:  Best Argument
Archie:         Best Constructive

Junior Scholars

Pearl:         Best Orator 
Brady:         Best Constructive 
Adelyn & Alice: Best Speakers 

Fall Awards

November 21st, 2020

Middle School

Jeanfelipe & Methulia: Outstanding team
Chloe:         Best Crossfire
Brandon & Zachary: Best Argument
Archie:         Best Constructive

Junior Scholars 

Alice: Judge Award
Lauren:        Best crossfire
Isabella:         Best speaker
Ryan: Best Constructive

Top Argument Awards 

Adelyn & Siyona
Pearl & Brady