The Bronx

On January 19th, 2019, Early Scholars brought the year in with a bang! Our debaters argued the merits and demerits of the United States federal government prioritizing the reduction of the federal debt over the promotion of economic growth. Though some may consider national economics a difficult topic, our debaters dove into the complexities and emerged champions. Among various individual awards, our debaters also brought home the 2nd place Sweepstakes award. We're excited to say we are heading to the City Championships!

Top Speaker Awards (Open PF)
Caroline X. (4th)
Katherine L. (19th)

Top Team Awards (Novice PF)
Kaileigh D. (11th place)

Top Team Awards (Open PF)
Amber S. & Katherine L. (10th place)
Caroline X. & Aiden T. (12th place)