The Bronx

After a summer of practicing multiple resolutions and working on public speaking delivery, our debaters were energized and ready to start the year of competitive debate tournaments. And they proved it at the first tournament after the summer. They argued the EU’s involvement in China’s Belt and Road Initiative during the New York City Urban Debate League’s October 5th debate tournament and were victorious! Our students won first-place team awards at the intermediate level. There were also interesting things to be learned about the EU and China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The NYCUDL website discusses some of the intrinsic benefits of your child’s participation in speech and debate classes and tournaments. Did you know that as far back as Ancient Grecian times, debate has been seen as part of a rigorous education? In modern times, studies have proven that children who participate in debate see improvements in their academic performance, too. They usually have higher grades than students who don’t participate, have fewer absent days and usually test higher in math, English and science. Graduation rates improve, too. A full 90 percent of debate students go on to graduate on schedule. Nationally, graduation rates average at just over 84 percent, and in some urban areas can be as low as 60 percent.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that by helping our young debate team thrive in the competitive world of speech and debate, we’re also setting them up for academic success? Here’s a shout out to all of the parents, too, who put so much time and effort into supporting our team! These debaters would not be as successful as they are without all of you standing so firmly behind them.

Top Teams Awards (IPF)
Zachary J. & Hillary J. (1st place)
Allen C. and David H. (9th place)
Kaileigh C. & Audrey L. (12th place)
Samantha T. & Ella C. (16th place)
Annie L. & Megan G. (17th place)

Individual Speaker Awards (IPF)
Zachary J. (1st place)
Hillary J. (2nd place)
Annie L. (12th place)
Allen Chao (16th place)
Megan Gu (19th place)
Audrey Lin (20th place)