There are various types of debate formats included in the New York City Urban Debate Leagues tournaments. The classic form of debate is Parliamentary. In this format, the largest and most well known, students study topics chosen by themselves and their teachers. The emphasis during competition is placed on extemporaneous debate skills. Students have only a limited time to prepare and must really think on their feet. Our elementary debaters are gaining these extemporaneous debate skills. At the ESSD tournament, it was incredible to see our determined, young speakers argue the merits of Pokemon Go at our June 22nd end-of-season tournament. With the support of their coaches and families, Early Scholars’ students continued to surpass all our expectations. We will be excited to watch as our young debaters push the boundaries even further this summer! They are all growing into brilliant, well-spoken and driven thinkers! We can't wait to see them compete at the Middle-School level.

Elementary June Competition

Top Teams
Jayden & Eugene L. (First Place Team)
Daniel W. & Ryan Z. (Second Place Team)
Alexa Y. & Aimee D. (Third Place Team)

Top Speakers
Alexa Y. (First Place Speaker)
Jayden K. (Second place speaker)
Tiffany L.(Third Place Speaker)