Congrats to everyone who participated today!

In our elementary division:

Our elementary school students Hayes and Joyce received 4th and 8th place speaker in their division.

Riana, Khloe, and Evelynn won 2/3 rounds today!

Our middle school teams:

Jonathan and Sebastian got 8th place team and won 2/3 rounds.

Nathan and Norris got 9th place team and won 2/3 rounds.

Aidan and Wesley got 10th place team and won 2/3 rounds.

Benjamin got 9th place speaker

Kevin got 10th place speaker

In Middle School Intermediate:

In 2nd place we had Raveen and Anaya who went undefeated. Raveen and Anaya beat one of Hunters undefeated teams this season and they are only in 5th and 6th grade! Raveen got 5th place speaker and Anaya got 7th place!

Leanna and Olivia also went undefeated and placed 3rd overall! Leanna was 11th place speaker.

Natasha and Karen got 4th place team! Natasha won 3rd place speaker.

Luiz and Austin got 5th place team. Luiz was 9th place speaker.


In middle school beginner Early Scholars got 1st overall. In intermediate we got second overall. And for the entire middle school division we got 1st place tied with Hunter! 🏆

We are proud of everyone and hope everyone had a fun day and learned more about debate and the art of presentation skills!

Our next tournament in April 6th at Uniondale High School. This is open to elementary, middle and high school debaters! The topics will be the same at this tournament.