In Tech Academy
Bronx, NY

The February 8th debate tournament held at InTech Academy served as the last preliminary for the New York City championship. Here, students argued the benefits and disadvantages of replacing American means-tested welfare programs with a system of Universal Basic Income. This topic garnered a lot of attention. It highlighted the current policy debate taking place between Democratic presidential candidates for the upcoming 2020 election.

Our students displayed detailed knowledge and well-thought-out arguments to support their claims. This led to team awards for Kaitlyn, Jaime, Samantha, Adrian, Hillary, Zachary, Brandon, Annie, Methulia and Jeanfelipe. Zachary and Annie also took home speaker awards, while Brandon took the first-place speaker award. We can’t wait to see our debaters shine at next year’s NYC debate championship!

Team Awards
Brandon T. & Annie L. (6th place)
Zachary J. & Hillary J. (7th place)
Samantha T. & Adrian C. (11th place)

Top Speaker Awards
Brandon T. (1st place)
Zachary J. (3rd place)
Annie L. (5th place)