How Speech and Debate Classes Can Improve Your Child’s Language Skills

Enrolling in a speech and debate program can offer a number of benefits for your child, one of them being improved language skills. Whether your child chooses a career path as a research biologist or a journalist, they will need clear and articulate language skills to help them move up the ladder of their career. That’s why hundreds of parents have already encouraged their children to enroll in speech and debate programs. 

In our latest article, Early Scholars reviews the different ways in which these programs improve one’s language skills — one of the top benefits of speech and debate

Ways in Which Speech and Debate Classes Improve Language Skills

One of the top benefits of speech and debate are sharper language skills

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Speech and debate classes offer numerous benefits including improved critical thinking skills, research strategies, and oral and written communication skills. During these classes, students are challenged to explore the world around them through a new lens, learn new information, and figure out how to articulately argue for or against a particular point. Many past and present students of debate classes have seen improvements in their:

  • Vocabulary and fluency
  • Persuasiveness
  • Self-esteem
  • Public speaking capabilities 

These skills are crucial for success in college and beyond. Whatever career path they end up choosing, they will need to rely on effective language skills for communicating effectively with teammates and people outside of their organization, whether those are clients or patients. 

Vocabulary and Fluency

When it comes to reading comprehension, some people miss the mark completely. This can sometimes stem from an education devoid of a strong focus on language skills. Being able to understand directions and follow them from a young age will make it easier for students to complete different assignments. Cultivating these skills from an early age will help them with studying for important exams and with writing clear and interesting papers for class. 


Persuasiveness plays a key role in speech and debate programs. As your child works on writing different speeches they must pay attention to their audience, use plenty of examples to support their argument, and argue their point in a rational, but attention-grabbing manner. When reciting these speeches, they must also present them in an informative and captivating manner. 


Public speaking can be daunting for anyone, regardless of their age. Practicing public speaking skills from an early age can help your child push through their nerves and present their information in a calm and confident manner. Whether they are reciting a speech in front of their class or an auditorium full of people, they can do so confidently thanks to the practice they were able to put in during their speech and debate classes. 

Public Speaking Capabilities

Speech and debate classes will help your child speak clearly and confidently, emphasize certain parts of their speech, avoid using filler words, and engage the audience in what they are saying. Many speech and debate programs also teach children how to control their voice. By breathing from the belly, also known as diaphragmatic breathing, your child can clearly and confidently articulate their speech. Even their standing position and facial expressions can make a huge difference. These public speaking skills are essential for capturing the audience’s attention without either boring them or accidentally overwhelming them. 

Why Language Skills Are Important

Language skills are one of the top benefits of speech and debate programs

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Forming proper language skills from a young age is important for the healthy development of your child’s brain. For instance, having a wide vocabulary can help increase your child’s creativity as they come up with new ideas for projects or essays. As they grow older, these skills will become useful in the workplace. You may recall yourself having to learn how to listen to colleagues, effectively communicate with them on different projects, and articulate your ideas to a room full of people when starting out your career. Enrolling your child in speech and debate classes can give them a proper head start to these desirable skills. 

Different Types of Speech and Debate Programs in NYC

Early Scholars challenges its students in each of its programs

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At Early Scholars, we always strive to challenge our students. Our programs are tailored for junior scholars as early as second grade all the way to the 10th grade. Each program focuses on teaching your children a number of critical language skills such as:

  • The basics of flowing
  • Intonation
  • Speech delivery
  • Crossfire

Throughout each class, focus on creating a fun and stimulating environment for our students. This allows our students to truly grow and flourish as they practice their speech and debate skills. As a result of our challenging and rigorous curriculum, our students have won prestigious awards and gone on to attend some of the top academic institutions in the country. 

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of speech and debate? Contact the team at Early Scholars today for more information.

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