6 Ways That Speech and Debate Classes Prepare Your Child for College

As colleges and universities become more selective and high school students continue to add a myriad of accomplishments to their resumes, it can be challenging to decide how you can help your own child stand out. If you are looking for a new class or after-school program for your child, consider enrolling them in a speech and debate class. The benefits of speech and debate classes are plentiful. 

Not only will these classes benefit your child during college, but they will also remain useful as your child moves up in their careers. Check out some of the best benefits of speech and debate classes now. 

1. One of the Top Benefits of Speech and Debate: It Teaches Your Child to Think Critically 

Critical Thinking Skills Will Help Your Child Excel in College

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In order to craft informative and persuasive arguments, students must learn how to practice proper logic and reasoning skills. However, not all high school classes teach these important skills to students. In debate classes, students are forced to think critically when given a topic they must not only explain to another person, but also argue in favor or against it. 

Writing an essay or speech forces students to check for missing information, logical flaws, or any other oversights that could weaken their argument. When presented with counterarguments or evidence disproving their points, they must also come up with an effective rebuttal to them. 

2. Students Practice Writing Clearly and Concisely

Students Can Expect Writing Plenty of Essays in College

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In order to craft an informative argument, students must present their information and points in a concise and convincing manner. Poorly written essays that lack sufficient evidence or are simply unorganized can hinder a student’s ability to argue in favor of their point. 

Mastering tone in writing is also critical for making sure listeners pay attention to and understand your argument. A tone that is too formal can alienate readers. On the other hand, an informal tone could end up undermining one’s arguments. 

3. Many Students Gain Confidence 

A Confident Demeanor is One of the Best Benefits of Speech and Debate Classes

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As students continue to improve their writing and presentation skills, they often experience a surge of confidence as a result. Learning how to become a polished speaker and confident presenter can help your child stand out in job interviews and other work-related events. These skills will also prove useful when students have to stand in front of a crowded classroom to make a presentation or when they need to participate in a class discussion. 

4. Students Are Given Access to Diverse Perspectives

Cultivating an Expanded Worldview is Important for People No Matter What Age They Are


Debate classes cover a wide range of political and social topics that your child may not have been exposed to before. Not only are they given an expanded worldview, but they will also garner a deeper understanding of the world around them. 

As they research these topics, they will need to consider the myriad of perspectives surrounding them. While your student might not necessarily agree with these arguments, they must still educate themselves on them. Doing so will strengthen their understanding of different opinions on a situation. It will also help them come up with possible rebuttals that may be brought up during an actual debate. 

5. Their Public Speaking Skills Improve

Students Will Find Themselves in Many Situations Where Their Public Speaking Skills Are Put the Test

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Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact, many adults struggle with getting over stage fright and anxiety when presenting in front of large groups of people. One of the best benefits of speech and debate classes is their ability to help people improve their public speaking skills. 

Debate classes will teach your child proper presentation skills, such as speaking slowly and using clear enunciation to help articulate their arguments. As they continue to practice their public speaking skills, they will continue to improve and become more confident in them. 

6. Students Learn How to Effectively Work Together in Teams

Learning to be a Good Team Member is a Lifelong Skill 

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Whether your student needs to finish a group project to get an A in the class or they find themselves dealing with a crisis at work, they will need to become a team player to help all parties involved in the situation succeed. Debate classes are also built on teamwork. During tournaments, team members must learn how to operate successfully with each other. If students are grouped together in teams during class, they will also need to learn how to collaborate with each other effectively in order to present a winning argument. 

The benefits of speech and debate classes often last a lifetime. Whether your child needs to improve their writing skills or they want to prepare themselves for college, speech and debate classes provide a supportive environment that will help your child grow. Want more information on speech and debate classes and where you can find one near you? Visit us online at the Early Scholars Speech and Debate website to learn more about resources, programs, and opportunities in speech and debate.

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