5 Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in Speech and Debate Classes

Many parents strive to provide the best resources and opportunities for their children. For some parents, this means enrolling their children in music and art lessons. Other children may prefer joining sports teams, such as soccer or baseball leagues. If your child is an avid reader looking to challenge themselves, they may find a passion for speech and debate classes. 

The benefits of speech and debate classes are plentiful, including improved confidence, written and oral communication skills, and critical thinking skills. These traits and skills will prove useful for both their formal education and their future careers. If you are considering whether or not to enroll your child in speech and debate classes, check out these top benefits of taking them below.  

1. One of the Top Benefits of Speech and Debate: You Will See an Increase in Their Confidence and Leadership Skills

Building Your Child’s Confidence is Essential for Their Growth and Development

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Public speaking can be a daunting task for anyone. Even adults sometimes get the jitters before stepping on stage to make a special announcement or speech. But in speech and debate classes, students are often required to stand in front of a classroom to eloquently argue a viewpoint or position. Sometimes, they may even need to add a rebuttal to an opposing side’s point of view or come up with an argument as to why their position is stronger than their opponent’s on the spot. 
While the idea of standing in front of a classroom and sharing one’s viewpoints and arguments for a topic sounds frightening at first, this fear lessens over time as the students become accustomed to it. With proper training and coaching, students can develop confidence and leadership skills that will prove useful both in the classroom and outside in the workplace. Presentations, job interviews, and work-related events are just a few areas where these skills can be applied to help your students stand out. 

2. Their Oral and Written Communication Skills Will Also Improve

Working on These Key Skills is Critical for Building One’s Educational Foundation

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Speech and debate classes require students to eloquently articulate their thoughts and arguments. As they continue to practice their debate skills, students learn effective methods for speaking and writing in a persuasive and appropriate manner. 

While their newly honed oral and communication skills will benefit them in the short-term with improved grades and an improved college application, they will also offer long-term benefits. Companies in a variety of industries — from the tech industry to entertainment — rely heavily on employees who can communicate properly with their teammates. In debate classes, students learn critical oral and communication skills including self-awareness, confidence, objectiveness, and maintaining an open mind. 

3. They Are Introduced to Viewpoints That Might Be Different From Their Own

There Will Be Times When Your Child is Challenged to Argue for a Viewpoint They Don’t Agree On

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Students don’t always have the chance to choose a topic or side to research and speak about for themselves. Sometimes, this means they will have to argue for a viewpoint they don’t agree with. Not only will this allow your students to expand their worldview, but it will also increase their empathy skills

The ability to see another side of an argument allows them to view a particular situation from a 360-degree view. Listening to both sides of an argument also lets students consider a point-of-view they may not have thought about before while also allowing them to strengthen their own defenses against it once they no longer have to argue in favor of it. 

4. Improved Research Skills Are One of the Key Benefits of Speech and Debate Too

Developing Strong Research Skills is Critical For Ensuring a Successful College Experience

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Anyone who has taken a college course knows how much time and effort is spent researching information for projects and exams. Building research skills during elementary and high school is vital for preparing students for a heavier workload in college. 

Speech and debate classes provide the perfect opportunity for students to hone their research skills. As students are assigned different topics, they are required to perform in-depth research on them in order to effectively argue for or against a certain position. Beyond formal education, research skills can be applied to your student’s future career, making them a useful investment in the long run. 

5. They Will Become More Socially Conscious

Children Are the Future — Make Sure They Are Prepared 

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One day, students will grow up into adults that help run the world. Companies and governments need socially-conscious, empathetic leaders to properly run their organizations. People want confident, educated leaders that they can trust. Many students who enroll in debate classes find that they are much more politically and socially aware of different issues they were not previously exposed to. This awareness can be carried throughout their education to their future career, where they can use the skills they have learned to help make the world a better place. 

Whether your child needs a new after school program or wants to improve their chances of getting into their dream college, speech and debate classes can provide a wonderful learning foundation that will benefit them long after they graduate. Want more information on where you can enroll your child? Visit us online at the Early Scholars Speech and Debate website to learn more about resources, programs, and opportunities in speech and debate.

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